Common Topics.

Germany has many foibles which may not be immediately recognised or understood by outsiders (not that I fully understand them either, I'm still learning...). Some of the issues can be pretty complex - and can get in the way of writing short and snappy blog posts.

So, instead of explaining for the umpteenth time that Germany's healthcare system is insurance-based, or that Germany is a federal republic, I've written up (and am writing up) some introductions to a few common topics. The links will appear as soon as I'm finished with them...

Politics & Political Parties (mostly an alphabet soup)
Germany's System of Government (Bundestag/Bundesrat/President & States)
CDU - The Christian Democrats (Conservatives)
FDP - The Liberals (in a free market sense) 
CSU - The Bavarians
SPD - The Social Democrats
The Greens (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen)
The Left (Die Linke)
The Pirates (Die Piraten)
NPD (The far-right...)

German Life
German Healthcare
German Taxes
German Retirement
German Responsibilities & Expectations
German Media
Beamters (Civil Servants, and then some)

International Relations
Attitude to the British
Attitude to the Americans
Attitude to the EU
Attitude to East Germans